Six months after my first post on the Rogue barbell HG, not much has changed except my expectations. Here are a few photos of the Rogue barbell HG in its current state As you can see the bar and plates have remained in great condition, even with continuous extreme use on concrete floors. Not only... Continue Reading →

Benefits of good fats

Following on from my previous blog 'Is fat bad for you' it can be seen that not all fats are bad, in fact some are beneficial for health. Unsaturated fats provide three well known benefits including: lowering a person's levels of LDL cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and build stronger cell membranes in the body (Medicalnewtoday, 2018). Lowering... Continue Reading →

Hydration for performance

Hydration is one of the greatest contributors for better performance. Following on from my last blog post Hydration, water is seen to have direct links to your performance levels. The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic, 2018, stated: Even a 2% decrease in body weight through water loss can cause detrimental effects, with reports of up to... Continue Reading →

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