Are Superfoods real?

Are some foods better than others?

All foods made by nature are super foods. In todays society “super foods” are just foods with a higher proportion of a certain vitamin, mineral or substance compared to other foods. Take a look at these top 3 super foods, that were voted best by the Australian Natural Care (2014).

1. Acai berry


2. Kiwi fruit


3. Goji berry

goji berri

These three fruits are all common in antioxidants and vitamin C. Now if these were compared to a vegetable such a potato, the potato would be low in antioxidants but would be high in carbohydrates and magnesium. These nutrients are also very important components in your diet. Or if these fruits were compared to a banana, the banana would be lower in antioxidants but would be higher in potassium and energy. This shows that all natural foods have their own individual benefits and cannot be accurately compared to other foods according to their entire nutrient value.


One reason why the term “superfood” exists in our society is because of the rapid growth in processed food. Processed foods such lollies manipulate the sweet taste and colours in fruits. But in the process of making these lollies almost all their nutrient value is removed, leaving high amounts of sugar. This, in comparison, makes normal natural foods look super, as they are abundant in nutrients.

Next time you are thinking about eating healthy, remember that all natural foods are superfoods. An easy way to distinguish natural food to processed food is to first look at what you are eating. The more ingredients that can be easily seen likely means the more natural the product is. Look at the two products below, can you tell which one is more natural?

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