Apple Watch series 2

I’m going to review the Apple Watch. Please see my other review on the Fitbit charge 2 that I own. I’m a 10 year old and I want to share some of the things I know about the Apple Watch. I’ve studied it for a long time now and hope to get one soon.  So if you know anyone close to my age please tell them to look at this post before buying one. Below are four columns that show what the Apple Watch can do, as well as the price at the end and the rating . The four columns I wrote about is what a 10 year old would use as the Apple Watch can do a lot more than listed.
Apple Watch can:

  • Count Steps
  • Measure Heart rate
  • Take Notes
  • Give Location
  • Time
  • Date
  • There are different screen faces
  • Internet connectivity
  • Games

Apple Watch is

  • Water proof 50m
  • It can take Photos using your phone like a remote

Apple Watch can be a

  • Stop watch
  • Timer

Rubber and Stainless steel Bands

  • Black sports band
  • White sports band
  • Sand sports band
  • Staneliss steel band
  • Black Staneliss Steele band
  • Nike band black green
  • Nike band black gray
  • White Nike band

Conclusion: I think the Apple Watch is a great watch it has a great look to it, but it might be a bit too expensive for a 10 year old. The Apple Watch can do a whole lot more that what I have listed. I would give it a ten star but it is two expensive.

Rattng 9/10

Price 530$    Apple Watch      

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