Side Thrust Kick

We’re gonna teach you how to do the side thrust kick hairsonfire6 style. It will take many hours of training and practice but will be satisfying when you use it to send your punching bag through the wall. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise which incorporates dynamic stretching and explosive movements. It will work your core muscles and balance intensely. Whilst learning how to master the technique, it will also improve your focus, endurance and discipline. I only hope that you never have to use this kick against your fellow human beings, but only against your dirty old punching bag.  In the right hands, or should I say on the right feet, this is a deadly weapon second only to a few, close behind the 357 Magnum.

Muscles used

The two strongest muscles in the body are the main forces driving this kick, namely the powerful gluteals and quadriceps, your core muscles and hamstrings will play a secondary role. When following the techniques below expect your quadriceps to start burning whithin a few minutes.

The side thrust kick

Start in a side stance/horse riding stance. Place your feet slightly wider than your knees. Bend your legs to 45 degrees or less to ground level. The lower your stance the more difficult and slower the move will be, but your kick will be more powerful because of the lower centre of gravity, allowing you to push harder with the grounded leg. Try and push your ankles out so that the outside of your feet are parrellel with each other. Keep your spine straight and perpendicular to the ground and keep your core muscles (abs) tensed. Keep your shoulders in line with your hips. Only turn your head to the side you are going and your leading arm in front of you ready to fight, and the trailing hand in front of your abs. Your hands should stay in this position until you thrust your kick at the end of the movement.

Side Stance
Side stance or sadle stance
Step over.

During the rest of the movement dont stand up, imagine that you head is touching the ceiling and you can’t go any higher

While trying to keep your head at exactly the same hieght bring the trailing foot in just in front of your leading leg. Do this slowly in the beginning, but with more practice this step should be as quick and nimble as possible. Once the trailing foot has landed in front of the leading foot most of your weight should still be supported by the now trailing foot and the now leading foot should help with balancing only

Step over
Knee up.

Still keeping your head at the same height throughout, now roll your weight forward so that your leading foot takes all the weight and lift the trailing foot up in front of your body so that you knee is nice and high with your thigh parallel to the ground or even higher. Don’t relax your foot but pull your toes up towards your knee as high as possible. It’s important to have your knee in front of the body and not slightly to the leading side which will diminish the power in your kick.

Knee up

Now use your gluteals and quadriceps to thrust your foot forward straight in line with the direction you were moving, hitting your target. You should not stand up at any stage but the leg that is still on the ground should stay bent using it as a pillar so as to avoiding the impulse force created be the impact of your target pushing you backwards. Now is a good time to lean back with your torso, as this too will counter that impulse. Use your arms as you like here for balance.

Snap back.

Now snap your foot back to the place it was in the previous step bringing your arms back to where they were so as to get yourself out of harms way, ready for putting your foot down on the floor again, or else, if you missed your opponent they will grab your foot and lift your leg up high leaving in an embarrassing predicament.

Snap back
Foot back down

Keeping your grounded foot where it is step forward with the foot that is in the air back to your side stance, ready for the next kick.

Remember this is one fluid movement as in the videos by hairsonfire6.






It’s not as easy as it looks, so don’t miss a moving targets

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