Combat Pro-Gel Review

Combat Pro-Gel

Yesterday’s story: Some of the hairsonfire boys and myself went out to train at the Fit Lab Toowoomba for a change. As we love wieght training and any and all other types of training,  getting out of the old home garage gym so that we can get some gym manners back into our horrible garage gym culture can only do us well.

After training for nearly two and a half hours, which we don’t recommend (a hour is more than enough), we decided to throw the towel in for our own good. My beaten up body needed some nutrients for recovery and life, desperately, so I went to the gym fridge and pick a protein drink to buy, but the fridge was only stocked with bottled water and energy drinks, but suspiciously placed to the front was a box of combat pro gel sachets for $3.50, it was strategically placed there to sell to the desperate. I picked it up and squeezed it for a test, thick and greasy it was. But the package said zero sugar, muscle, energy, recovery! I bought it. With 20 min drive home I bit the packets head off and squeezed the grease out, it looked like a very dark chocolate mousse, I still wasn’t sold though. I tasted the pea sized extrusion, straight away my body started rejecting the horrible recovery gel. But I kept going for the next 20 min and finished a third of the gel pack by the time I got home. I hadn’t spewed yet but it was close. I checked the expiry date in case it was off, all good. I squeezed the rest out into a glass and mixed it with some milk and downed it…….6 hours later I could still taste it.

I think MusclePharm have all the ingredients right for recovery, 22 grams of protein, vitamin C and B6 etc.


Ingredients 10/10

Taste -2/10

Conclusion: Is it worth nearly spewing up for the benefits of a excellent source of nutrition after a workout, yes, but I’ll definitely go out of my away avoiding that taste experience again.

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