BSc High Protien Bar Review.

BSC High Protein Bar Review
BSc High Protein Bar Review
After reviewing something so aweful last supplement review, Combat Pro-gel , here is a much better one. It’s the high Protein Bar, Low Carb, triple choc, by BSc. This is by far my favourite protein bar at the moment.

Good points
BSC High Protein Bar Review
BSC High Protein Bar Review
  • At the top of the list of it’s great attributes is the Australian 5 Star Health rating, 5 stars is the highest rating that can be awarded to a packaged food item.
  • Quality of protein. I really like the way BSc puts my favourite proteins in one bar: whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate.
  • Great taste, one of the best protein bars I’ve tasted, very surprised it’s low carb and is 5 health star rating.
  • No added sugar.
  • Very filling.
Bad points.
  • The package lied to me. Don’t get me wrong, the bar is big enough, fills me up as a snack and has enough protein at 18.2 grams, but the packaging is deceiving us with its size, it’s all an elusion! The package is a 1/3 too big, filled with air. Or has it shrunk….?

BSC High Protein Bar Review
Actual contents size
The elusion, only air.
The elusion, only air.

Some other factors for your satisfaction

White chocolate with triple chocolate flavour
I’ve tried some different flavours, they’re all good but be careful, they haven’t got the same ingredients or the same health star rating as the Triple Choc version.

 Chocolate ooze

BSC High Protein Bar Review
BSC High Protein Bar Review
There is a strip of chocolate ooze on top of the bar, just under the white chocolate layer. The chocolate ooze makes me want to look at the bar after a bite, it’s mesmerising, you want to touch it and squish it: Watch it ooze!  

Conclusion and rating

As this is my favourite protein bar at the moment, I would of given it a score of 10/10. But because of the packaging bull dusting it looses a point at 9/10, but….it really is filling, I don’t want any more, so it gains another half point.

Final rating of 9.5/10

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.


Nutritional information
Nutritional information
BSc high protein bar review ingredients


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