Awesome in Power. Completely Approachable.

I’m going to show you that the God of the universe is abviously awesome in power, but He’s completely approachable for sinners like you and me. During this whole story, imagine yourself as Elijah, for God feels the same way towards you.

This true story is in the bible, 1 Kings 19.

Elijah is afraid and running from a murderer who has vowed to kill him, and although God has just done many miraculous things right in front of him, he seems to be crestfallen, and just wants to curl up and die like a worm. He can’t complete the work that God had planned for him. Remember Elijah is a man just like us, in sin because he knows what he should be doing and isn’t doing it. But God is merciful towards him, and us.

Skip a few verses and the Angel of the Lord feeds him with something so good that he doesn’t need to eat for 40 days. The angel of the Lord is sends him to Mount Herob to have a meeting with God. Elijah is summoned to the principles office, the CEO of the universe has called him to his earthly office for a talking. He is coming down to earth especially for Elijah, to talk to a human sinner. 

Mount Herob
Mount Herob

Elijah gets a word from God, a message telling him to prepare to meet with God outside the cave. God arrives in power! It’s seems like God arrives to earth with some sort of space ship, or is it His Glory. First the wind starts blowing, it blowed so hard that the mountains split and rocks are broken in two, then as He gets closer the earth rumbles and quakes. Then there’s a fire. In all of these huge events God doesn’t speak from these frightening events like a scary god.

Then there is a sound of gentle blowing, and Elijah knows his God is close, then God speaks to him gently, He totally humbles himself like man, just like us, as we’re made in his image, and speaks and listens to Elijah just like a real God.

Many years later, God comes to earth again, Jesus, who’d was fully man, but also fully God. 

God is the same with all his children just as he was with Elijah,  awesome in power, completely approachable.

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