Whole body weight training in one session

A new weight training routine with our all time favourite excercises per muscle group continuing with our whole body weight training session.

It’s time to change exercises again for stimulating muscle groups a little differently and giving your body time to heal from the same movements done previously.

Changinging exercises has many advantages, three of them here:

  • It prevents boredom, doing the same exercise day in and day out for months is too monotonous.
  • It trains your body from a slightly different angle, ensuring total body strength and development over time.
  • Gives muscles and ligaments time time heal because some exercises strain your ligaments in different ways. I get this after two months of doing overhand grip pull ups, my bicep insertions are certainly paining after this, changing to underhand grip or neutral grip stops this. Two months of heavy deadlifts and my lower back has had enough, training longevity is the name of the game here.

We don’t recommend changing too often though. Remember the most important goal in any weight training program must be continued strength increases. This is improbable when you constantly change your exercises and program, stick with it for a minimum 2 months. For example, if you’re doing flat bench press for pecs, keep at it, trying to beat your best rep count every workout then increasing your weight once your rep goal has been reached. Mental effort is the most important aspect here, nerve yourself to better your PB every set. This can’t be achieved by switching programs every workout.

The workout 

Training time: 45 min to an hour. The stronger you become the longer it takes to rest between sets because of the physical and mental effort applied.

Weight: choose a weight that you can complete at least 10 repetitions with in good form to failure.


Warm up: complete the intire routine starting at 1 and finishing at 10, one set only at 50% of your weight chosen above.

Now that you’re warmed up complete another cycle at one set only per exercise at  the chosen weight. That’s all!

Keep a log for recording the weights used for each exercise. When you can complete 12 reps with your main weight in good form increase the weight for the next session with the smallest increment that you have available.


  1. Power clean
  2. Back squat
  3. Incline dumbbell press. (Chest)
  4. Chin up
  5. Seated dumbbell press. (shoulders)
  6. Bent over barbell row
  7. Dips
  8. Alternating Dumbbell curl
  9. Dumbbell calf raises
  10. Sit ups.

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