The return of Sodom and Gomorrah with Hate Rape.

Sodom and Gomorrah
Sodom and Gomorrah

Benjamin Law threatens to rape the men against Safe Schools Programs, read it in the Australian news paper. Marriage equality activist and progressivism don’t marry. Benjamin Law and the likes are returning to old roots, de-progressivism if there is such a word, their type have been around for thousands of years…Thousands of years ago the gay community in Sodom, when seeing Gods angels wanted to hate rape them too. This was not because the messengers were good looking, but because they hated God and and wanted to hate rape His messengers. Sodom and Gomorrah came to a fireball end, something reminiscent of a hydrogen bomb(anybody threatening Australia with a hydrogen bomb lately?) Maybe this bible poece is a warning to the western world heading Sodoms way.

Nothing has changed since those days. God was fully in control then and He is fully in control now, don’t worry Christian, God is watching over you.

Just another pointless point: He also said it was a “serious thing” to have a debate about the Safe Schools program because LGBTIQ people had the “highest rates of suicide in Australia of any demographic in the country” Australian . Yes I agree, that is no good that the suicide rate is so high, bullies should not be tolerated, but the Safe Schools Program is bullying kids into gay role playing. This will only sway many kids who are at vulnerable ages, who are already journeying through many sexual conflicts and hormones. These might become homosexuals because of this stupid program, and the more homosexuals there are the higher the suicide rate will become. Homosexuality is a bondage and will always have is toll on whoever practices it.

Perhaps the Safe Schools Program is made for changing normal kids abnormal, to place bondages on kids, very sly, it is.

May God help us treat gays with much respect and help us stand against the devils schemes.

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