Star Trek Discovery: “To Boldly Go Where No Man Should Go…”

I was once apon a time a Star Trek fan. All those adventures of captain Picard and Spock inspired me to boldly go to where I never thought or dreamed of going, I too am a bit adventurous, just look at me, I’ve trekked to Australia, it could just as well be some planet in the unknown universe. Just like Star Trek encountering aliens along the way I’ve taken aboard some aliens of my own, 4 boys that is (my kids, my blessings). Watching the latest Star Trek adventure, Star Trek Discovery, during episode 4 the vessel has picked up another sort of alien being along the way, an old evil one, Satan himself, boldly spreading the Gay agenda. 

My story

The scene started with the ships doctor, male, and science officer, male, together in the bathroom facing square at the mirror, talking to each other looking at each other’s reflections, I think they where holding electronic tooth brushes. You might think this is an unfair battle as they weren’t armed, but I sensed something queer approaching and reached for my phaser, ssslowly…I set it to kill, then the abomination began, with the doctors hand on the science officers shoulder and stroking his hair. ZAP! I blasted the screen with my phaser and Star Trek was dead, disintegrated by my primitave TV remote, the TV was off. I’m sure I could hear Klingons singing my praises, but I’ll never know, I’ll never be watching that trash again because God thinks it trash too.

Leviticus 18:22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.

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  1. Frankly its a horror story, I love star trek, watched from the very beginning in the 60’s, I tried really hard to give this a chance, but I could never take to it, its horrible. All the characters have no redeeming factors about them, there is nothing nice about them at all, there is no hope , nothing to strive for, no hope for the future, that is what Star Trek was all about, how man had moved forward and was better. This Discovery is an Abomination, it is disgusting, just showing us as we are now, but with Special Effects its not Star Trek, I don’t like the story lines, the people, or the way they talk, and why bring in the swearing, isn’t there enough of that rubbish already on tv without having it in Star Trek. Its bad writing and lack of imagination if they can’t get through 50 minutes without effing and blinding, and this is meant to be our future, well I don’t want that.

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  2. For 60 years Star Trek was a great family show. Even though George Takei is gay in real life, Mr Sulu was not. But, in the latest iteration of this great show, the new Mr Sulu is gay and married to another man and they have a child. It was hard to swallow but all we owe them is love even though this is an abomination before God. My phaser zapped episode 4 of Star Trek Discovery much earlier in the show. It was when the characters Sylvia Tilly and Paul Stamets (the gay science officer) both dropped the “F” bomb in quick succession while my family and I were watching. Very disapointing. Star Trek went for 60 years without having to resort to mindless swearing, why now?

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