Rogue Hex Dumbbell Review

If you’re considering buying some hex dumbells for your home gym and are considering buying the more expensive Rogue Hex dumbbells then you’re at the right place for a yes vote.

After doing so much researching and reading reviews myself I decided to pay the extra bucks and get the dumbbells shipped from Melbourne Rogue to Toowoomba Australia. This ended up costing considerably more than just buying hex dumbells locally at a sporting and fitness goods retailer. This was completely worth it.

The chrome handles are so much smoother and more robust than the retail shops dumbbells, no chrome pealing off these ones! The knurl or grip has a better finish that won’t end up ripping into skin. Whenever I walk past the retail dumbbell displays I can’t help but try out their dumbbells which reminds me of my clever purchase.

Rogue has a proprietary head to handle construction which they claim ensures that the head does not come loose, I can witness that as I always drop the dumbbells from any pressing movement to prevent shoulder strain. I drop these onto a rubber mat though, I wouldn’t recommend dropping them onto a concrete floor. My picture included below is one of my dumbbells that has had lots of concrete down time and drag time but we do try and limit dropping onto concrete. I have had these for nearly a year now with very little sign of wear and tear (just a bit dusty).

One negative from some of the reviews that I read was that the new dumbbells had a foul stench(burnt rubber) when still new, not so, they do have a smell to them which is just the smell of new rubber, I thought it smelt great.

Enjoy the lifting!

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