Rogue Barbell HG

At last a Barbell set that’s up for a challenge.

I’ve just received a Rogue barbell set and I’m very impressed, excited and eager to lift. A year ago I received a Rogue dumbbell set, these get a lot of use on concrete floors and still look like new. I don’t expect anything less from the barbell set.

I have purchased the Ohio bar and HG bumper plates.

The only thing that I have against the HG bumper plates is that they only start at 5kg, I would of liked 2.5 kg plates, but that’s okay as I bought some Rogue 2.5 and 1.25kg Standard plates, for small weight increments.

Rogue equipment is used all over the world with positive reviews all over, I highly recommend their barbells and plates for your home or commercial gym arsenal, that’s if you’re not on a budget of course.

Have a browse at their Australian website Rogue equipment or American website Rogue equipment for further details.

PS. We have completed our first session with the Rogue set, one short phrase comes to mind: luxurious lifting! You could probably get the same results lifting rocks, but it wouldn’t be luxurious lifting!😀

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