Hamas, a Zombie Spirit

The recent atrocities in the Gaza Strip reminds me of the movie Word War Z. In one part of the movie, Zombies tried to invade Israel. The Zombies seemed fearless, dumb and had no consideration for their own lives, but were coordinated enough to bridge Israel’s wall. The is the same with Hamas, they tried to break through the border fence knowing too well that they would be shot, but they where Zombiefied enough to try and break through, coordinated enough to use children as martyrs for the world to condemn.

Zombies are real

You might think this was invented by Hollywood, but Zombies have been around for hundreds of years. I’m from Africa where I have had many conversations with Zulus, and they often spoke about how the Witchdoctors would have Zombie like people working for them, these would seem soulless and mindless. Bound as slaves.

Zombiefication is not a biological problem but a soul problem, more Psychosomatic, becoming a slave to someone or something or some ideology.

Hamas and any such cult are influenced and programmed by others, or their culture, to hate and destroy. Hate others, and hate themselves. I know they have reason to be angry, but they don’t need too harm themselves or others. The Bible says we can get angry but don’t sin. They sure do have problems but are they worth dying for?

A higher authority.

A higher power is at work. Is this impossible? Satan himself looks to be the coordinator. He has come to kill and destroy, kill the Israelites and kill everyone else. This seems to be the devils schemes, and the world is licking it all up and joining the Zombified by condemning Israel protecting its borders against sure death if penetrated. No racism intended here, but remember our battle is not against flesh and blood, we must go to war with the devil. And I’m doing that by writing this blog and exposing his(Satan) lust for destruction.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

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  1. Thank you for an interesting and thought provoking post. It is alarming to see how Hollywood has been pushing the Zombie agenda. Ask any teen ager and they will confirm that Zombies are a ‘thing’ meaning, it has become part of our culture.

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