Gym Motivation

Gym motivation, I’ve got none, zero. Sorry to disappoint you but I have nothing to inspire you with.

But what about your goals?

Are you going for an Olympics weightlifting record? That’s good motivation for training hard. But what if you’re just an average Joe like me that just wants to be in above average condition? It’s heading towards winter and you expect me to go out into that to lift cold weights? What’s the point? But then I remember, I love lifting weights, but why? I ponder for a moment…Ah ha, that’s what motivates me, it’s the music, it’s always been the music, cranck my favourite tunes out loud, and bingo, I’m instantly motivated, ready to smash them cold weights hot! When I put my Spirit filled Christian hip hop on, then I’m ready for blast off into another zone.

Spend more money on a good sound system or headphones, and less money on supplements and see the difference. Give this instead stimulation a go today. The featured image is my old dusty boom box that needs a serious upgrade.

My favourite tunes at the moment: Space Time Continuum by the Washington Project.

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