Used Tools

“The worker is worthy of his wages.”

What do your fitness tools look like? Are you proud of them when you show them off to your family, friends and especially Mum? Proud of how these still look the same as the day when you bought them? Bad idea! These tools should be battered and bruised, like a warriors sword that has had many deadly battles. Lifting weights must be a life and death battle, the weights get a repeated beating and you get the honour of evolving into a machine.

Busted fitness equipment means a bigger, stronger and faster you. Just by the way, supermarket fitness equipment won’t cut it when you get stronger. Your goal should be commercial type equipment, my favourite being Rogue fitness equipment.

Some of our tools revealed.

Here’s our second skipping rope, barely alive. The middle is nearly through, handles burnt through by sweat and now held together with black insulation tape.

Here is my second favourite product in blue, Australian Barbell. Then my favourite in black, Rogue. These aren’t broken yet, but nor are we, life and death battle next time.

My boxing bag gloves. Knuckles are nearly through. Message to bag: “Watch out Bag when I break through! These gloves aren’t for protecting hands, they’re for protecting you from fists!”

Here’s my boxing bag, if I give it a good clean it would look as good as the day when I bought it,,,sad face. I need to punch harder! My goal is to knock a hole into it and close that hole with duct tape. Give me ten years to accomplish this please.

I hope you get the picture here. Have a look at your tools(gym equipment in the garage, your running shoes, that treadmill, etc) and you be the judge: If you didn’t know the owner, what do you think they would like like, a machine or a mouse?

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