Making healthy food choices. It’s harder than you think.

“Make healthy choices”, I’m sure you’ve heard before. But many people don’t realise the difficulties associated .

Living unhealthy is an addiction

Have you ever wondered why someone is obese, or why someone is skinning fat, did they choose to look like this, was it genetic or were they cursed? The first and most import aspect that makes up healthy eating is the mind set, or Mens rea in legal terms for the guilty mind. The only way to break the bondage of laziness, stubbornness and indulgency is to look for inspiration. The first step is to look at the bible for affirming Gods will. This requires us to have control over our desires: For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7.

Addicted people

I see many examples of this, especially at local malls. I often eat at Grand Central Toowoomba. There are so many choices. There’s McDonalds, a favourite amongst people, Zombies and Blob people. Different vibes in eating areas, McDonalds patrons are hyperactive, edgy, and with manifestly lower economic status. At the other side of the food court, Japanese, Australian and Turkish foods reside, here vegetables and salads reign supreme. There is tranquility and calmness in this area.

Keys for bondage release

Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom

-George Washington Carver, American scientist

A key to a healthy life style is education. We need to read and educate ourselves in proper nutrition. Many people don’t know how or why we should eat right. How? Read more! One of my favourite authors is Dr Don Colbert.

Why should we “eat right”? A higher reason, number one reason is to glorify God. Our bodies should be in the best possible shape for effectiveness and longevity on earth, Superheroes if possible, and all things are possible with Christ!


As well as educating ourselves we need to train our families, friends, acquaintances and rivals.

Parents are one of the biggest contributors to healthy life styles. Parents can brake or build their children and community, what I mean is this:

Parents influence equals…The apple never falls far from the tree, or the donut never falls far the tree.


Here is my lad, I’m training him to eat well, I’m not there yet, he only had half of his Boost Juice. Healthy can taste good.

Boost Juice ingredients

Healthy living does not need to be a struggle. Look at this boost juice. It is filled with so many healthy ingredients and still tastes good.

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