Calorie burner

Skipping may bring back childhood memories of jumping rope with friends, but did you know that skipping is one of the best calorie burning exercises. Not only does skipping burn calories but this simple exercise builds posture, increases stamina and increases muscle.

Jumping up and down on the spot may seem easy but if you think about it your body is constantly lifting its own weight up and down! Livestrong, 2017, states that skipping at an average rate of 70 jumps per minute will equate to about 10 calories burnt, according to an average weight of 70 kg. Skipping is one of the greatest ways of loosing weight with minimal costs.

Because of this strenuous repetition of jumping up and down skipping increases the body’s strength. Peter Schulman, Cardiology/Pulmonary Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington stated that skipping:

Strengthens the upper and lower body as it burns a lot of calories in a short time.

Furthermore, another highlighted benefit of skipping is its contribution toward correct posture. Skipping forces your body to become straight whilst moving your shoulders back to ensure you do not lose balance. Even in different styles of skipping the posture remains the same. Some examples of this is shown below:

High knees


Reverse curl

It comes to show that you do not always need the best and most expensive equipment to achieve what you want. Even in life, it is better to have little and follow Jesus than to have much and follow the world. This is similarly said in Proverbs 15:16

It is better to have respect for the Lord and have little, than to be rich and have trouble.

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