The Good, the Bad and the Ugly challenge.

A challenge to bring out your best, even if it’s ugly.

This week, today, I challenge you to do something Good, Bad and Ugly. But it’s not what you think.

Safety ⚠️ Nobody should be harmed in this challenge including yourself.

Following is your briefing for the challenge

Three challenges will be briefly explained with an example of how Jesus responded to the challenge.

The good.

Do something good today, we all know how to do good. Jesus did something good when he was at a wedding and the bridegroom ran out of wine. Jesus did good by turning the water into wine and saved the reputation of the bridegroom. Read here.

The Bad.

Sorry about the language, but the best way to explain this challenge is: Do something Badass. Do something badass, tough and heroic. Jesus was badass when facing demon possessed people. Very powerful Demons that infested men, making them strong enough to break chains with their bare hands confronted Jesus. The demons begged Him not to harm them but drive them into a herd of pigs instead. He drove all of them out with a command, “Go!” Into a herd of pigs they were driven. The pigs ran over a cliff into the sea and drowned. The men were released from the demon abuse and freed to live life abundantly. Read here.

Something ugly.

Take somebody’s ugly, shame and disgrace and cover it up with grace and mercy. If somebody has done something ugly or shameful, forgive them and show them grace, as God has done to you. If necessary, put it on yourself, taking the blame for somebody else. Jesus was perfect, He was God. He took the shame and sin of all the world and put it on himself, he took the blame and died for us on a cross. He took the ugly of the human race and put it on Himself so that we can live. Read here.

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