No time to train or workout?

An intense weight training workout when your life isĀ on a season of time drought.

Do you think that you have no time for training, many times, most times, we’re probably fooling ourselves, of course you can workout three times a week, 45 minutes a session. It’s all about priorities, put the telly off and get to the gym.

But there will be times when we just don’t have time. Like me at the moment. I’m working 12 hour shifts for six weeks with one day off a week. I’ll be missing my precious workout sessions. Trying to squeeze my normal workout schedule in will just be counterproductive, stressing my immune system too much. How about you? Are you going through a time drought, or emotionaly drained and just can’t find time for a workout?

Try my time drought workout, only once per week, and for only 15 min.

Can I keep my fitness levels the same doing the time drought workout?

Yes you can. I’ve done this workout before and had some great results. I not only maintained my fitness level, but actually increased strength and muscle size. The workout can easily be done more than once per week if time allows you. I wouldn’t recommend doing it more than three times per week because it is quite intense.

The workout

  • This is a multifunctional movement that works every major muscle group intensely.
  • No extra warm up needed, it’s included in the 15 minute session
  • Minimum equipment needed here, only dumbells and some floor space.

Step by step guide

  • I will demonstrate the complex movement first and then explain the set sequence.
  • At the end is a short movie to demonstrate one full repetition.

The Dumbbell Shuffle.


    1. 1. Stand ready with one dumbbell in front of you

    1. 2. Shoot your back right leg out and rest your left elbow on your knee. Grasp the dumbbell with your right hand, keeping a straight back.


    1. 3. Row the dumbbell high until it touches the side of your rib cage.


    1. 4. Slowly lower the dumbbell to the ground making good use of the concentric motion. Bring your back foot forward again with the dumbbell between your feet. Now you should be in your favourite squat stance; feet at about shoulder width apart, butt lower than your knees, and with your back straight (not rounding) and nearly perpendicular to the ground.


    1. 5. Keep your arm straight and start standing up. Safety alert: don’t bend forward or round your back and keep your shoulders square. Lift the weight slowly from the ground but accelerate until you and standing up at maximum velocity when the dumbbell passes your knees on the way up.


    1. 6. Flick the dumbbell up above your should with your elbows ready to press the dumbbell up.


    1. 7. Squat down keeping your core muscles tight and your shoulders square.


    1. 8. Squat up rapidly, use the dumbbells momentum to keep pressing the dumbbell overhead. Safety: don’t drop the weight on your head.


    1. 9. Bring the dumbbell down controlled and slowly placing it down on the floor in front of you.


    1. 10. With one hand on the dumbbell and the other on the ground in shoot your legs back into a push-up position.


    1. 11. Descend slowly until your chest hits the floor. Push up rapidly until the arm above the dumbbell straightens. For extra intensity touch the side of you hip with the other hand.


    1. 12. Complete anther push-up. At the top of this push-up flick your feet between your arms and move into a jackknife position on your back.


    1. 13. Complete one jackknife.


Set sequence.

  1. Choose a weight with which you think you could achieve 5 repetitions, only with maximum effect. For example 50 pounds.
  2. Now cut that weight in half, which will make the weight in the example 25 pounds. This is your first set to get you ready, like a warm up. Complete 5 reps per side.
  3. After a 2 – 3 minute break increase the weight to 3/4 of your maximum weight in step 1. This makes the 2nd set about 37 pounds in our example. Complete another 5 reps per side.
  4. After another 2 – 3 minute break you’re ready for the last set with the weight chosen in step 1 above. If you can complete 5 reps per side with this weight then it’s time time to increase the weight for the next session.

Progressive overload is the secret to making this workout work: keep increasing the maximum weight used in the last set!

The end

That’s one rep completed. Shift the dumbbell over a bit and repeat with the other arm.

This is a very complex movement that requires substantial strength and flexibility. This works every muscle group in one complex move except you lats, I like doing one set of pull-ups after finishing all these reps to make sure all muscles are worked.

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