Exercise of the year. Dumbbell Push Press.

Dumbbell Push Press

This is definitely a favourite for the year, for me anyway. I love multi joint exercises, the more joints being used the better. This also saves time as more muscles are working in a singular movement. Dumbbell Push Presses improve balance, coordination and core strength.

Don’t be shy with the weight used, this exercise is meant to be heavy. Your legs will be assisting your shoulders by starting the momentum. Your shoulders and triceps only need to keep those weights moving.

But no problem going lighter to stay tighter, if thats what you desire.

This is one of the great allrounder exercises to try. I hope you’re blessed by God when trying it and remember to remember Jesus in all you do, even in your exercise selection to bring glory to God.

The move

  • Grasp some dumbbells, light ones to start off with for a warmup. Rest these dumbells slightly on your shoulders but keep your shoulders and triceps tensioned thoughout the entire move. This will help to keep your core tight.
  • Squat down until your quadriceps are at about a 45 degree angle to the ground. Most articles show just bending your knees slightly before pushing, but I prefer squatting lower so that I can get the legs working too. Also, it creates more acceleration through the increase in distance to get those dumbbells moving so that you can move more weight when your shoulder muscles take over the momentum started from the legs.
Dumbbell Push press bottom
Dumbbell Push Press Bottom
  • Forcefully squat upwards as fast as you possible can. If you weren’t carrying any weight you should be jumping off the ground. Important note here is to keep your back and shoulders firm and flexed. Only your knees should be straightening, every other body part must not change.
  • As soon as your legs straighten, make use of the momentum created by your legs and drive the dumbbell overhead until your arms straighten above.
  • Lower the dumbbells slowly until they touch your shoulders. That’s one repetition, try another 11.
Dumbbell Push press top
Dumbbell Push press top

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