Abortion, weapon of mass destruction. We need men to help stop this.

Today, at work, during my lunch break I read this article in the local newspaper. Just when I was convinced that the worlds news feeds were controlled by the devil an ecouraging gem showed up. Doctor Donna Purcell has had her voice heard that has warned the public against a proposed state bill to legalise abortion almost up to the point of birth. A strong woman she is, a lesson many men could learn from her, boldness and braveness in the midst of total evil.

I do not know the circumstances why a couple would consider abortion, maybe to save the mothers life, but the majority reason why people prompt this law is because of a lack of reasoning and commitment. Every person makes mistakes but it is up to the parents to make a reasonable decision, taking into account the outcomes of their actions. In a case where a couple have a child, accidentally, it is usually the man who runs away, unwilling to aid in the support of their child.

Young man, or old man.

It’s time to Man-up and take on the responsibility that God has called you for. Love your own child. That’s your boy or girl there, waiting to be cared for and loved. Don’t run off and look the other way, carrying on with living for yourself and your own desires. Without your support that girl will be tempted and doomed to abortion. She is the one left with emotional scars forever, but you just look the other way, don’t care about murder.

This is nothing new though, the devil takes pride and joy in killing and destroying, even innocent babies.

Funny thing, I’ve had another boy, 4 years ago. I remember the doctor asking my wife, out of the blue, if she would like an abortion, of course we rejected this immediately, but the temptation became clear, “we would be much better off financially without another another child.” The Devil loves placing these temptations into our mind and if we succumb, he laughs and packs the guilt onto us. The love of money runs deep with humans.  How much better off you will be having children instead of money, money can never buy this love.

No abortion, having a child is the greatest blessing
No abortion, having a child is the greatest blessing

These abortion clinics are money making machines.

Doctors with low morals are making a fortune out of the abortion clinics in the western world.

If only I had control of a mighty army

I would bring all my troops back home, away from North Korea, where nuclear bombs are being made that could threaten innocent people. Instead I would wage war against the mass murderers using weapons of mass destruction killing the most innocent of innocents, babies. How many weapons of mass destruction where found in the Iraq invasion that where threatening our civilians. Maybe we should look in our own homes before we look out into the world. Russia kills an innocent woman in the UK with a military grade poison and it makes world headlines, but the UK doesn’t care about its own babies.

The problem is obvious, the western would is forsaking God, who promises a life of abundance, and is accepting the Devil, who promises murder and destruction. If you are considering abortion ask God to help you overcome the temptation of abortion and to commit faithfully for the potential blessing God has given you.

John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full

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