Progress weight training

I was in the men’s change room recently at my workplace. Here many guys are quite fit, regularly competing in sports, triathlons etc. They often use their lunch break to go cycling or for a run.

I noticed something on top of the locker, something good but it was bad.

Men’s locker room light weights
Men’s locker room light weights
Men’s locker room light weights
Men’s locker room light weights exposed

A dumbbell (good), but was very light (bad). Its good to do some weight training of any form, but these guys should’ve past this light weight when they turned 10. Using heavy weights is demanding, warfare really, the ultimate test of your abilities to conquer fear as your body and mind identifies heavy weights as dangerous.

How to gauge a dumbbell size: if it’s as small as your shoe, you should re-do.

The only way to make weight training work for you, is to progressively use heavier weights with continuous good form. This is painful, and the body doesn’t like it. But you’ll learn to love it when you see the results.

Heavy to heavier weights equals progress
Heavy to heavier weights equals progress

Weight training gives you the edge over someone who doesn’t in any sport. My favourite excuse is that you’ll become too big (muscles) when you do weight training. No one needs to worry about this as I have tried to become too big all my life, it just won’t happen. Don’t compare weight training to bodybuilders using huge amounts of steroids.

What if I don’t try and beat my personal best all the time?

Like I said before, weight training in any form is good, but without the challenge, boredom arrives, and when boredom arrives, quitting arrives soon after.

Your spirit should progress too.

Just as you should continually try for heavier weights, so too, you should continually try and get to know Jesus more. When spiritual boredom arrives, backsliding arrives soon after.

Pray fervently, and read your bible often. Maybe your next step in your spiritual progress would be to unashamedly tell someone about Jesus.

For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

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