Fiber is becoming more frequently advertised with food products, associated with health, but what is fibre and what can it do for you? Sourced from Healthyeating, n.d., fibre is seen to provide your body with three major benefits including: lowering blood cholesterol, cleaning the digestive track and slowing hunger.

Fibre is seen to reduce cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood stream as it chemically interacts within the digestive system. As stated from Healthyeating, n.d., when soluble fibre travels through your small intestine it chemically binds to bile, which blocks excess cholesterol from being absorbed into the body. By stopping excess cholesterol entering your body you are able to reduce calorie intake, therefore reducing glucose levels in the blood.

In addition, fibre is able to aid in the movement of nutrients in your digestive system. When insoluble fibre enters into your digestive system, its heavy mass and large size act as a brush helping undigested nutrients being able to be digested (Healthyeating, n.d.). Fibre is therefore able to help clean your digestive track allowing you to more efficiently absorb nutrients.

Lastly, fibre posses the ability to slow hunger because of its complex structure and mass. As more fibrous foods contain more complex and stronger structures your body requires more time to properly break it down, therefore increasing the time it takes to digest. Through fibre’s complex and strong structure you are able to feel fuller for longer as your body requires time properly digest.

As you add more fibre to your diet try adding more of God’s word into your life, that benefits and cleans your spirit so you are able to live in Christ. Similarly said in Romans 8:9-10

But you are not ruled by the power of sin. Instead, the Holy Spirit rules over you. This is true if the Spirit of God lives in you. Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to Christ. 10 If Christ lives in you, you will live. Though your body will die because of sin, the Spirit gives you life. The Spirit does this because you have been made right with God.

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