Is your smartphone a hard place for Gods word?

My smartphone is one of my most precious possessions. Just like yours, it does anything and everything. It’s an extension of my brain, thoughts go out of my thumb tips and into a infinite abyss, just to return back through my eyes into my brain, and most times into my deepest soul. Be careful though, this infinite abyss harbours some dangerous monsters wanting to enter your soul and mind. These can cause addictions and slavery.

I have a Bible app which I read often where I can get all kinds of helpful biblical information. I don’t know about you though, when I’m doing some Bible study, the temptations to surf off into the abyss are very tempting.

It’s very difficult staying focused while on this surfboard, my smartphone.

I was once much stronger spiritually when I was without all this biblical information at the tip of my thumb. So… I’ve decided to return to my roots, blow the dust of a hardcore hardcover copy of the bible, and read and pray. Why don’t you join me there?

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