What’s after Abortion?

Now that abortion is legal right up to birth, is that still abortion? The baby is fully developed long ago, what is being aborted? Maybe another name needs to be invented, Leftion, maybe. I would’ve always trusted a woman with my life before that I would trust a man, not anymore, woman now allow their babies to be destroyed, easily influenced be some money loving doctor.

“Who is teaching our young girls to have no love for their own children?” Asks God, these teachers will be judged.

God made little things very cute so that we would automatically look after these precious things(because they need it), think puppies, kittens, babies, chickens, etc. Usually only mentally disturbed people would harm these little things, but here are these doctors, serving Mammon by loving the money.

High on the priority list is that there are just not an equal amount of female CEO’s, and of course highest on the list is the right to remove the baby from her life, it will get in her way as she climbs the corporate ladder. Never mind prioritising protecting our children.

Even animals and insects protect their young. Maybe it’s evolution, humans have evolved and are now killing their young. This might be the tip of the evolution mountain, only to find out that it’s an active volcano, the end of humankind. This evilution wont last long though, do the quick maths: human – babies = 0 . (I don’t believe in the theory of evolution by the way)

There is still hope though, God still forgives and accepts those who repent and turn to Jesus. He has a track record of forgiving the unforgivable, ask Him, He will respond. But surely, time is running out for this evil world.

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