Monday emotional motivation.

Have you got problems in this miserable world? Here’s a solution: set yourself alight! And I mean this literally. Read further though, because this isn’t the natural fire that I’m talking about, it’s the Holy Spirit Fire, that is able to do anything and everything far above anything that could be imagined.

A couple of thousand years ago there was a group of people saddened and depressed by the loss of Jesus when Jesus died on the cross. They got together and prayed. When everything was darkened in their lives a flaming God broke through the darkness and rested on all present, not scorching the human flesh but igniting their lives, vision and purpose. These giftees instantly saw the world differently, they where suddenly filled with real joy, thankfulness and genuine praise. Why? Because they lost the worlds burdens and where given power for their purpose, which is to walk with God!

The Holy Spirit comes.

Sometimes we lose this joy and darkness clouds our walk again. We need to return to God quickly by prayer and fasting, this will fan that fire back to bright. Will you join me tonight to re-ignite? Let’s meet in God’s throne room.

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