I need more confidence.

I don’t like to see myself as somebody who lacks confidence, not that I want to be overconfident either. I was placed in a situation today where I came to realise my lack and need of more confidence. It was a powerful experience, which was painful, but nonetheless instructive. When we suffer deep down into our soul, that is where our real self is exposed. I sometimes force myself into situations where I cannot back out of. I like to think this is something where my personal limits are stretched and I can become wiser by it. That was the case for today, where I was completely out of my comfort zone. I urge you to try the same, stretch those limits of yours.

Clouds with rainbow
Although things look scary, God is there with you

My real problem.

What was revealed to me today about the source of my lack of confidence: it was my lack of trust in God. I didn’t trust him with my life, I didn’t trust him with how much He loves me, and His ability to look after me if things went wrong, or should I say if things didn’t go according to my plan! King David comes to mind, he trusted God, he trusted God to give him the ability to defeat Goliath and become a great king. David had that lack of fear that I want, but more importantly, I want that same close relationship with God that David had…can you imagine?

1 Samual 17

From my experience a lack of confidence is caused by an increase in fear. Increasing fear is created by a lack of communion with God.

Please listen: A great high energy, uplifting, energising song. Confidence of ten men!


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