Captain Marvel, the Feminism goddess that has become ruthlessly arrogant.

I will admit, I’m childlike, maybe even childish, I love super hero movies, I guess I’m attracted to some of the portrayed heroic traits, I will admit here, part of this is my carnel side, I love the muscle and power, that’s what I wish I looked like, muscles on muscles.

Batman, fighter of crime. Upholds the justice of the weak.

Most of all though, I’m attracted to the spirit of these characters, the humanness, the personal and physical struggles, the vulnerability, and the ability to serve the human race, even to death. Sounds much like Jesus, who had all the power of the universe, who had the ability and the right to click his fingers and wipe the whole lot of us out of existence, but he rather sacrificed himself so that we would survive. This character we are commanded to emulate.

Reference to the clicking of fingers that wiped out half of the universe: Thanos, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, disregard, please read on.

Thanos click.

Enter Brie.

Not so with the current new MCU character and actor, she fights for herself and a feminism cult. They don’t want to rise to the level of men that they are eyeing off, but wish to pull them off their perch. Brie doesn’t want white men reviewing her movie because they are the very ones that she has unfairly attacked, and they might just hold it against her.

Feminism self harm.

They do this to the detriment of themselves. It’s the very white male in his forties that Brie attacks that are the cornerstones of protecting woman in America. They give the likes of Brie a job and pay to watch these movies. (note: I was going to watch this movie, but not after reviewing the racist objectives). Woman cannot survive without man, and man cannot survive without woman. God has made us one, both male and female, together we make a whole, we are different, both weak and strong in our own ways, but together we are great. In God’s kingdom all are equal, regardless of gender or race.

I am not saying that men are doing the right thing here, they are getting worse and pornography has pulled low men lower, including woman, but that’s another blog.

I’m a little freaked out.

Feminist rallies are freaking me out, what is going on with those banners? Rude, hateful, which is half understandable, but what I feel is weird is that the banners are strangely sexually perverse.

But I sense there is more to this than meets the natural eye. I often forget that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces.

This sums it up, spiritual work at work.

Christians should watch and pray though. The world is full of all kinds of evil, but we should become discerning and combat these spiritual forces that try and enter the church. This is the time to purify ourselves and the church.

Unfortunately for these feminists, they will probably never get what they truly want, but will be hurt in the process. When they land that CEO job after murdering their babies by abortion while climbing the corporate ladder, they will realise that the hole in their heart will remain unfulfilled. It is only Jesus who can give them life in abundance, and yes, equality with man in God’s eyes too.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Jesus.





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