Road or turf

Whilst running the past week I have asked the question: is running on the road or turf (grass) better? The answer is: both have positives and negative’s depending on your goals and circumstances.

Road running

Running on the road, in my opinion and experience, is considered to provide better outcomes in regards to performance. A hard flat surface is more consistent and does not retain any deformation when objects travel across it, thereby allowing more force to be exerted in forward motion. An example is shown below

Turf running

Running on turf or grass provides more benefits for recovery and less ligament strain. Unlike a hard surface, turf or grass absorbs some of the force you push into the ground thus decreasing the amount of shock your ligaments endure. Taking these factors into account, running on the grass is generally harder than road running, which will help in burning more calories. Avoiding car traffic is also a highlighted benefit regarding safety. Grass running example is shown below.

A warning when running on grass is to watch out for places like these:

One minute you’re running the next you’re in water. Hahaha. I hope you don’t fall into something like that whilst running in the bush. But honestly, be careful of holes and ruts, or any uneven surface that could twist your ankle. Also, be carful when running in long grass as deadly animals such as snakes or spiders tend to live in it and may harm anything running through.

Although running on the road may be different to running on turf grasses, both are able to provide benefits.

As well as running, follow the path Jesus leads you on which leads to life as said in Matthew 7:13,

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

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