Stress Relief

Stress, anxiety and worries, all precursors of tiredness, laziness and an unhealthy lifestyle if not dealt with. One of my main causes of stress is people, especially work colleagues, some of whom would be jailed, tortured and executed if I were king. But I’m not the king so I have to deal with it some other way. Hey, what is your main cause of stress? I have some advice, from someone who has been there, myself (nobody has been harmed in the process). Two tips:

Turn your anxiety into strength.

Stress seems to burn you from the inside out, energy wasted. Next time you’re stressed, turn it into into a pre-workout stimulus. When someone stresses you out, say to yourself, for example: “I’m gonna bend some bars today when I get to the gym!” I’ve had some of my best workouts taking this supplement. In other words, focus on some sort of exercise when you get home where this energy can be released.

Take the situation to God.

Pray about it, asking Jesus for insight, wisdom and help. Then read your Bible, searching for answers to your situation, you will find it.

Seek and you will find

Matthew 7:7

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