Money, would you do anything for it?

I have read a recent article on the ABC Australia website, that made me realise for the trillionth time, the Bible has warned us about these times. Here is the article: ABC News.

The article tells us that a US-based LGBTQI advocacy body says that the way to influence our culture is to demonstrate to them (conservative or Christian) that if they do not adhere to the inclusiveness leftist way that their hip pockets will be affected, in other words, we will lose our jobs and sponsors, just like Israel Folau lost his job for quoting a bible verse.

Far be it Satan, three things to the Devil:

  1. We cannot serve two masters, we cannot serve both money and God, we choose God, even if we are rejected, as Jesus was rejected too. Matthew 6:24
  2. We cannot be inclusive, for God is holy, and therefore we must be holy (set apart). 1 Peter 1:16
  3. We preach out of love that those who are far from God may get to know Him. We don’t hate the LGBTQI community, we hope for them to stop their sexual practices and get to know Jesus and be saved. Why are they wanting to silence the Christian message? They know that that’s what they need to do to get closer to God, but Satan doesn’t allow it.

But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy.

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