The Godly Athlete

God gives me the strength for the battle. He makes my way perfect.

He makes my feet like the feet of a deer. He helps me stand on the highest places.

He trains my hands to fight every battle. My arms can bend a bronze bow.

Psalms 18:32-34

Recently I have finished school and have always loved athletics and running. However, Spirit inspired, I felt intrigued to started a YouTube channel.

I initially wanted to do it as a public witness of how God has been working within me physically. I haven’t ever reached an “elite” level in athletes or any other sport. The best I have so far achieved was a place in the regional team for cross country. I though that now I have finished school I would give everything to God and let Him make me achieve higher things. After prayer and consideration God gave me this verse, a promise of a bright future in which His power will make me achieve a very high level in sprinting.

Ever since then He has even started to expand my vision in starting a new generation of God driven athletes that give him the glory and achieve the greatest of results. Hence the title the Godly Athlete, as now I hope to inspire many to live and train for God.

Come and join me as I see where God takes me. Here is the very first video I have made.

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