Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Presses, the king of shoulder exercises.

Just as Jesus is the king of all kings, this seated dumbbell press is the king of all shoulder exercises. It is my favourite shoulder exercise just as Jesus is my favourite of all favourites.

I want to explain to you how to do it: Get a bench with the upright backrest, pick the dumbbells up to shoulder level and sit down carefully onto the bench. Dig into the ground with your feet so as to stabilise yourself. Start with dumbbells low, just touching your shoulders. Now press them up above your head until the dumbbells touch above with your elbows straightened. During the exercise don’t pause at the top or the bottom, it should rather be a continuous flowing movement, up and down.

Keep your back nice and tight with only your shoulder blades touching the back rest. So remember, lower the weights until they’re touch your shoulders, then all the way up until they touch on top, one rep.

Full explanation

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