Defund the police debunked

When I first saw this, I was confused in a frozen wondering mode for what felt like an eternity, it was a what the heck moment. What fool would say that? Police are the ones that keep us safe. But wait a minute, “us” are the law abiding ones, the criminals would love no police, now I get it.

I’m absolutely no racist, but this Black Lives Matter is clearly not worried about the skin colour, but more the lifestyle. These people are protesting and rioting to be left alone to do what they want to their fellow humans without consequences and policing.

I say pay the police more and give them more authority to use more force. As it is, looters are left to express their lifestyles to shop until they drop without paying a cent. Where are the police protecting people’s livelihoods? They’re too scared of the woke weaklings and of making a mistake.

Get tougher USA and Australia conservatives. I quote Robocop: “Stay out of trouble!” Be like Robocop!

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