Benefits of eggs

You may use eggs for a variety of things: in recipes, a part of breakfasts or just on their own. However eggs actually provide many nutritional benefits that does not only supply you with amble amount of vitamins but also helps prevent heart disease. Firstly, eggs are well known for their high levels of protein,... Continue Reading →

Mighty Grapefruit

Grapefruit is one of the most delicious types of fruit but also houses some of the worlds greatest nutrients. along with many health benefits. Grapefruit promotes appetite control, is low in calories but high in nutrients and can help prevent insulin resistance (Health line, 2017). The high levels of fibre grapefruit contains is able to... Continue Reading →

Training in bad weather

Weather can affect you in more ways than you think, especially before training. The gloomy atmosphere made by heavy rain clouds affects your mood, to also become gloomy and heavy. Many people would use this as an excuse to stop training, but think again, as this seemingly bad weather could be used to your advantage.... Continue Reading →


Fiber is becoming more frequently advertised with food products, associated with health, but what is fibre and what can it do for you? Sourced from Healthyeating, n.d., fibre is seen to provide your body with three major benefits including: lowering blood cholesterol, cleaning the digestive track and slowing hunger. Fibre is seen to reduce cholesterol... Continue Reading →

Gym Chalk. Worth it?

The supposed grip strengthening chalk powder provides has taken the sports industry by storm. But does it live up to its reputation? Currently, I have stopped using gym chalk for some time, only because I haven't got around to the fitness shop. Now from memory, as I compare my grip strength with chalk to now... Continue Reading →

Ginger for green tea

Following on from my previous blog about green tea, I have been looking for an ingredient to combine with green tea, so as to add to its health benefits and taste. Through research and exploration I found a suitable ingredient, Ginger. Along with many other benefits some benefits of ginger include: reducing muscle pain and... Continue Reading →

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